Erik Medhus and Jamie Butler

Eric MedhusEric Medhus

Jaime ButlerJaime Butler

Interview: “Beyond This Reality”

Guests: Jaime Butler (channeling Erik Medhus)

About This Interview:

This powerful interview shares great wisdom from the other side, as well as a surprise guest from 2,000 years ago. I got chills during this call, and gained amazing insight to who we are and why we’re here!


About Erik and Jaime:

Erik Medhus, at 20 years old, took his own life in 2009. Since that sad and tragic day, his mother Elisa had tremendous grief and questions, why? Many answers came from an unexpected source… Erik, himself. Through dreams, visitations and channeling, with medium, Jaime Butler, he describes what happens during the death process, what the afterlife is like, what he does with his time there, what it feels like to be a free soul, the nature of thought and more.

Jamie Butler has had the ability to see and hear spirits (clairvoyance and clairaudience, respectively) since birth. She is able to see energetic fields (also known as “auras”) and has the skill to channel spirit, which is when a spirit relays messages by borrowing her body and voice during a reading. She is teaming up with Erik in this interview, which is engaging and enlightening.



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