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“Finally Discover the Secrets to Manifesting Health, Wealth and Abundance simply through Your Drinking Water”

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More About Peter’s Special Offer & A Free Gift!
This state-of-the-art, cutting/creative edge technology is moving people out of the fear based world toward their true intentions with results, through programming water! Have your glass of water in front of you & ready to go!

On this call:

  • Why water is the perfect medium to carry our intention and frequencies.
  • How Aquaware works to “blankslate our 4.5 billion year old water” of its previous history of energies and frequencies
  • How exactly we can use Peter’s software programs to charge ANY body of water or anything containing water
  • How we generate frequencies that modify structural forms within water.
  • … and more!

Peter SchenkPeter Schenk

About Peter Schenk:

Peter Schenk, energy healer, research engineer, software designer and Modern Day Mystic!

Modern Day Mystic Peter Schenk is part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries who are on the cutting edge of consciousness and awakening. He is a very contemporary energy healer, research engineer and software designer whose programs and services has united people from around the world to free themselves of the fear, learn to channel their own intent and attain most wanted realities.

Peter had been working for one of the world’s largest banks for most of his fifteen year career after learning the basics of his trade at Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology where he earned a BS in Computer Engineering. So the majority of his early life was invested almost entirely into this intellectual aspect of life, but in the summer of 2004, there was a new calling. He followed the strains of a “new song” forming from somewhere deep inside of him. This led him to believe that a new application for digital technology was possible bridging the digital and spiritual realms that imbues specific frequencies into water and carries the frequencies of Higher Universal intelligence and Love.

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