Troika Saint Germain


Troika Saint Germain  

Troika’s Interviews:

Troika Saint Germain – Live the Life of Your Dreams
Troika Saint Germain – Awaken Your Divine Self


About Troika Saint Germain:

Troika Saint Germain is a transformational Spiritual Accelerator and Ascension Alchemist who is able to advance people to their next level of spiritual development through her own frequency and powerful Higher Realm Activations that use Pure Light, Color, Sound, the Violet Flame, and Divine Sacred Fires. Troika was born “awake” and as a child, visited the Higher Realms daily to communicate with Angels & Ascended Masters. After a near death experience at the age of eleven, Troika lost her paranormal abilities and the memories of her Higher Realm experiences. She had to learn how to “wake-up” again – just as people are doing now.

After experiencing many adversities, while seriously seeking how to lift her life into a higher state of consciousness, she was able to discover techniques that can bring amazing TRUE transformation and awakening for everyone. Her life experiences have implanted a deep understanding and compassion for people trying to overcome life problems and awaken to their enlightened self and perfect life.

Troika re-awoke in 1985, achieved self-realization in 1992 and merged with her Ascended Master Self in 2006. Her Mission is to Awaken individuals to their true authentic nature, their Divine Self, while assisting them and planet Earth with Ascension. She is the creator of high frequency transformational Alchemy products, and a respected international authority on the Violet Flame and Divine Sacred Fires. Troika has assisted thousands of people worldwide to raise their frequency and vibration, live the life of their dreams, and become their Divine Self. Her alchemical products are wonderful tools to assist and quicken the Enlightenment process.

She shares her experiences and spiritual techniques with clarity, grace and humor. Troika has a rare ability to bridge dimensions, make the Esoteric understandable, and the Higher Realms attainable to all. She is honored to share spiritual tools, products, teachings and practical instructions for Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain, Beloved Jesus, Divine Mother Mary, Quan Yin, ArchAngel Michael and other Beings of Light with all who sincerely seek them.

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