Sacred Activations with Tamra Oviatt

“Sacred Activations”

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“I am feeling different and even a bit strange as the ‘victim’ mentality I have been battling for years is finally breaking up. This is all happening so fast! Wow!! Finally!! My life is changing right before my eyes!! Thank You for being so gracious!!”
-Fabiola L.

Tamra Oviatt

Tamra Oviatt

Tamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane modality that she received over an eight-month trek through Europe, Italy and Spain.

Sacred Activations clear thousands of cultural, religious, and mass consciousness belief systems that keep many of us “stuck” and out of the flow of life. Tamra’s mission is the global practice of Sacred Activations.

Experience 12, 16 or all 28 Life-Changing Sacred Activations!

Activate the sacred geometry in the body, clear blocks and change belief systems that keep you stuck and in fear.


The 12-Activation Set (11 Audios)

healerspowers-150x150Audio #1a&b
Lord Metatron / Avebury (Stonehedge)

Includes: 1 MP3 Download (both mediations in one audio file)

The Lord Metatron Activation enables you to move through the present period of Earth changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to the new crystalline levels associated with Gaia’s evolution from the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and beyond toward the 12th dimension.

The Avebury/Stonehenge Activation increases your healing and psychic abilities, enabling you to easily communicate with your higher self, your guides and angels, and the Creator. This also increases your clairvoyance and clairaudience, making it possible to comprehend more fully what is taking place in healings.

lordmetatron-300x300Audio #2
Moses Code Activation

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Moses Code Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cell, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams. Since downloading this activation, I personally look more youthful and there is a sparkle in my eyes. I have stopped taking supplements for energy because I no longer need them.

motherearth-300x300Audio #3
Mother Earth

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Mother Earth connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home: Mother Earth. It helps ground you and centers you in the knowing that we are all connected; it connects you to the fairies, trees, flowers and water, and brings you closer to our animal friends. To connect to your Higher Self, it’s important to first connect to Mother Earth.

superdna-300x300Audio #4
Super DNA

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Super DNA activation improves your DNA, so that it matches the new evolved generation that is coming onto the planet at this time. When children who were born with AIDS were activated and their progress tracked and retested some years later, it was found that the AIDS disease was gone and their DNA had been changed to a “Super DNA.”

christconsciousness-300x300Audio #5
Christ Consciousness

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

Christ Consciousness Awareness empowers you to create miracles in your life. Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.

fruitoflife-300x300Audio #6
Fruit of Life

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Fruit Of Life lights up all 13 Chakras, keeping you grounded and connected to your higher self. It activates the fruit of life in sacred geometry.

heavenonearthAudio #7
Heaven on Earth

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Heaven On Earth activation releases oaths made, or karma, to suffer for those who came before you. Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and our ancestors. This activation releases all of the above.

godscode-300x300Audio #8
The God Codes

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The God Codes parts the veils of illusion, allowing you to see the 3rd dimensional world from the Creator’s perspective, thus enabling you to see through the 3D world and know love for all sentient beings. Once I received this activation, I knew that every event happening on this planet is for the highest good of all and for our ultimate growth.

original-light-language-300x300Audio #9
Original Light Language

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Original Light Language allows us to be “in love” with life. It also allows us to be true to ourselves and honor our personal power when we are in conflict with others. This activation releases us from the trauma of what others are experiencing, allowing us to observe without becoming attached.

innerchild-reconnection1-300x300Audio #10
Inner Child Reconnection

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Inner Child Reconnection reclaims the pieces of your soul that was left in other lifetimes, galaxies and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left in that lifetime; reclaims your power from those lifetimes; and surfaces your foundational beliefs for clearing and reclamation of personal power.

family-constellation-300x300Audio #11
The Family Constellation

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Family Constellation clears your anger, judgment, guilt, and hatred toward your family. It gives you a true knowing of what a family’s love feels like.

“It has been 2 weeks now since i received the sacred geometry downloads from you and I must say it has made a big difference in my life. I am more grounded and settled into myself. I actually “feel” like myself again. Everything has become so much clearer now. I am so amazed!! I am calmer and happier now. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!”
– Tracy


The 16-Activation Set (16 Audios)

illumination-300x300Audio #12

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Illumination activation allows you to remember all of your past lives and see your future lives. You’ll have an understanding of who you truly are as a “being of light.” This activation is done in the Akashic records which are on the 6th plane.

creatorstruth-300x300Audio #13
Creator’s Truth

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Creator’s Truth activation unplugs you from the human grid of fear of the 3D world. We are all connected by a grid that surrounds the earth. We pick up group consciousness from this grid. The Creator’s Truth removes you from the fear and plugs you into the 5D plane of “The Truth.” Plugging into the dimensional grid system helps the entire planet shift into this dimension in alignment with the shift of the planet.

collective-wound-300x300Audio #14
Collective Wound Release

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Collective Wound Release activation, also called the Cultural Wound Release activation, clears the deep, hidden wounds that are held in the collective psyche that are linked by the same value systems, beliefs, and programs. This can result in a deep need to suffer, which sabotages our lives on many levels. This activation unplugs you from the collective consciousness of this suffering energy, freeing you to live in joy and love.

free-your-genes-300x300Audio #15
Creative Gene

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Creative Gene activation removes you from the 3rd dimensional grid and plugs you into the 5th dimensional grid system that is now becoming available for this planet. Additionally, it gives you the knowing that you are safe and that you can create money and other forms of abundance in your life.

sacredblueprint-300x300Audio #16
Sacred Blueprint

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Sacred Blueprint activation will help align you with your true self and your purpose in life, giving you the courage and knowledge of how to follow it without delay and/or fear. It will give you the knowing of what you are to do here on Earth.

sacredsexuality-300x300Audio #17
Sacred Sexuality

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Sacred Sexuality activation brings two souls together to create love by merging their energies, bringing them to a higher level of understanding and love for one another. The inherent quality of this activation binds you with the knowledge of the ecstasy of the Creator’s love for you and all of humanity. This activation is not for those seeking an intense sexual experience. If you’re single and have self-love, this will also help you call in the right “soul mate” as the essence of love within you will be heightened.

addiction-redirection-300x300Audio #18
Addiction Redirection

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Addiction Redirection activation restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. This activation helps with various forms of addictions.

planetary-alignment-300x300Audio #19
Planetary Alignment

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Planetary Alignment activation aligns you with the planets and their transformative energy, helping you to shift with the planet with ease and grace.

collectivechurch-300x300Audio #20
Collective Church

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Collective Church activation frees you from the ancestral need to suffer for God. It clears trauma associated with past lives as monks or nuns. It also clears the programs which tell you that it is forbidden for you to connect directly with God. This activation will bring you a clearer connection with Creator.

mothermary-300x300Audio #21
Mother Mary

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Mother Mary activation enables you to form a better connection with Mother Earth and all the elements.

Audio #22
Mary Magdalena

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Mary Magdalena activation clears you from guilt, judgment and self-punishment for things you felt that you’ve done wrong in this lifetime and other lifetimes. It aligns you with self-love. We are all here to learn and grow. This allows you to do this without punishing yourself up for mistakes.

martyrAudio #23
Are You A Martyr?

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

Are You A Martyr? Do you live your life for others? Are other people’s lives and emotions more important than your own? Were you taught to put others first? This activation is for you.

sacredpower-300x300Audio #24
Sacred Power

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Sacred Power activation clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force you are meant to be. This activation will empower you to step into your true authentic power.

lifegrid-300x300Audio #25
Life’s Grid

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Life’s Grid activation creates a protective shield around you, keeping you safe from radiation, sound waves and other pollutants that are being put in our atmosphere (these harmful things shut down the pineal gland as well as your Kundalini energy). This activation is done in the 7th plane.

anger-release-300x300Audio #26
Anger Release

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Anger Release activation releases anger, sadness, fear guilt, hurt and rejection on the collective, genetic, and past life level.

release-oaths-vows-300x300Audio #27
Release of Oaths and Vows

Includes: 1 MP3 Download

The Release of Oaths and Vows activation releases oaths, vows, contracts, and commitments on all levels- collective, genetic, and past life level.

“After we did the first set of downloads I had the best week at work this year. I look forward to scheduling the next downloads… Thanks again!”
– Tom


12-Activation Series (11 Audios)

  • Audio #1a&b – Lord Metatron + Avebury/Stonehenge
  • Audio #2 – Moses’ Code
  • Audio #3 – Mother Earth
  • Audio #4 – Super DNA
  • Audio #5 – Christ Consciousness
  • Audio #6 – Fruit of Life
  • Audio #7 – Heaven on Earth
  • Audio #8 – The God Codes
  • Audio #9 – Original Light Language
  • Audio #10 – Inner Child Reconnection
  • Audio #11 – The Family Constellation

16-Activation Series (16 Audios)

  • Audio #12 – Illumination
  • Audio #13 – Creator’s Truth
  • Audio #14 – Collective Wound Release
  • Audio #15 – Creative Gene
  • Audio #16 – Sacred Blueprint
  • Audio #17 – Sacred Sexuality
  • Audio #18 – Addiction Redirection
  • Audio #19 – Planetary Alignment
  • Audio #20 – Collective Church
  • Audio #21 – Mother Mary
  • Audio #22 – Mary Magdalena
  • Audio #23 – Are You A Martyr
  • Audio #24 – Sacred Power
  • Audio #25 – Life’s Grid
  • Audio #26 – Anger Release
  • Audio #27 – Release of Oaths and Vows

28-Activation Series

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About Tamara Oviatt

tamra-oviatt-2“Thirteen years ago, I was being treated for Bipolar Disorder and Thyroid Disease and taking 5 medications a day. I kept hearing that I was here to help people heal their lives. Hearing this over and over for months, finally I said “God if you want me to be a healer, show me the White Light”. A friend of mine was taking photos of me. When we downloaded the photos, there was the White Light hitting me in the heart area.

I became a hypnotherapist and was teaching classes on how to talk to your Angels. On December 3, 2004, I was a $1,000 short on my rent and no money for Christmas. I said, ‘GOD you want me to be a healer, then pay my rent.’ Within an hour, one of my clients knocked on my door and handed me a check for $1,500. Saying, ‘Spirit had told her boyfriend to give this to me.’

To continue adding to my skills as a healer, I attended a DNA activation workshop, during this workshop I requested that I be healed. Within 30 days I was off all of my bipolar medication, and to this day have not needed any of them.

I then went to school to become a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and from there, I also studied on to ThetaHealing® 2C and very easy to work with. Iealing® Training, I healed myself of thyroid disease. I no longer need, nor take any medications for this disorder since it’s no longer present in me. Since then I have also healed from hemorrhoids and a herniated disk. I also healed my belief that if you work for GOD you’re broke… and MANY OTHER ERRANT BELIEFS!!”

Tamra Oviatt, MNLP, MHt,



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